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We are a retail and wholesale company specializing in items of beauty from Grandmother Earth. Our store offers a wide assortment of products including crystals, druid bells, herbs, marriage baskets, pendleton blankets and other shamanic supplies. Throughout our site you will find items designed to assist you in your spiritual quest and add beauty to your everyday life. We honor all ways and paths that lead to greater enlightenment. Our products reflect this diversity.

This website celebrates our dream to support and inspire the ever-growing community of spiritual seekers and stewards of Grandmother Earth. We hope you are touched by the beauty of Grandmother Earth and her many gifts as you journey through our Shoppe.

Many Blessings, The staff at Sweet Medicine Shoppe

Welcome to Sweet Medicine Shoppe
Featured Items

We continue to add new products for your ceremonial needs, including: Dolphin Whistles, stunning Crystal Shifters/Wands, hand carved Navajo Prayer Bundles, and a wide array of beautiful Marriage Baskets or Navajo Wedding Baskets. Check out some of our signature items: brilliant Crystal Eggs; Crystal Skulls for dreaming; and artfully crafted Zuni Fetishes and beautiful Statues from a variety of spiritual traditions. Visit Sweet Medicine Shoppe's Smudge & Herbs category, which features our proprietary Smudgeblend of Sage, Cedar & Lavender.

Customer Comments  Tell us about your shopping experience!

"Wow what a GREAT shopping experience! No kidding! Love & Light, Dharma, Texas"

"fabulous shop filled with wonderful, authentic and well crafted items. Everything is hand selected by the owner so things are of a very high quality. Many of the items are unique and not to be found anywhere else........ V. Cheyne, Michigan"

"thank you so much for the crystal cluster, It is just great and after going to many mines over the years this is one of the best looking crystals --------ever..... thanks again for all your help. B. Cole, Ohio"

"thank you so much for your wonderful website. It is really inspiring and soothing to know there are shops like yours on the internet. I also really enjoy the look of your Billing Information e-mails. Clear, clean and simple! Meegwetch! Stephane"

"I received the crystal today. I am thrilled to say the least. It is absolutely exquisite! Thank you so much for your great product & service. I look forward to spending more time in your store.   Best Regards, Cheryl"