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Tuning Forks

High Quality TUNING FORKS, made with mathematical precision.

Aluminum alloy tuning forks create subtle overtones and are designed for healers & practitioners of Vibrational Energy Medicine as well as those who wish to create their own healing experience with sound. These remarkable tuning forks are made of a special aluminum alloy that is heat-treated and is guaranteed to be accurate to .25%*. Each set and each individual fork comes in a protective velvet bag for storage and travel.

Aluminum Alloy tuning forks are designed for healing work. Unlike stainless steel, they emit more pure, more vibrant and longer lasting tones. And whereas steel forks create a single note, aluminum alloy forks are specifically designed to create rich overtones. Overtones are different octaves of the same note. The effect is similar to the Tibetan monks deeply moving chants. The rich overtones produced by aluminum alloy tuning forks create a deeper and richer experience.

Aluminum alloy forks are however softer than steel forks, so care must be taken to protect them from rough handling. The good news is, our manufacturer's alloy formula makes a much harder and studier aluminum tuning fork than others on the market.

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Tuning Fork C
: $47.00
Tuning Fork C