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Tuning Fork C
Our Price $47.00


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Detailed Description

Top Quality, Aluminum alloy tuning fork, C, each comes with a protective velvet bag.

The forks without weighted ends are lighter in weight and their tone is gentler and softer, therefore more subtle when toned individually. They are generally longer in length than the same fork with weighted ends. They are perfect for using harmonically by gently tapping them or by striking them on the Tuning Fork Activator. Some forks are only available without weighted ends due to their higher frequency. The higher the frequency the shorter the fork and adding weights would make them difficult to tone.

The forks with weighted ends create a stronger, vibration. You feel the vibration more physically and it is louder to the ears. It also tones longer than the unweighted forks They are quite easy to tone by tapping on palm of hand or by using the Tuning Fork Activator. They weigh a bit more and are usually shorter than the same frequency fork without weighted ends.

Not always in stock, it takes about 2 weeks for us to receive.

Choose weighted or un-weighted.

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