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Quetzal Fans

If you were to search the word Quetzal (pronounced ketz-ul), you would find many references. It is a bird of Central America, the currency of Guatemala and a bar in Paris. The word is derived from an ancient MesoAmerican word that means precious, beautiful or sacred. In contemporary times the word Quetzal has been used to reference the power of the feminine, Earth Mother (Mother Earth), Goddess Beauty or Mother Nature. Quetzal fans carry feminine, receptive/creative energy and are useful for smudging or blessing yourself, an item or a space with the feminine energy. Guys can use these too!

These fans are made from feathers of grain eating birds; often colorful and include feathers from parrots, macaws and pheasants. The parrot & macaw feather fans are created with drop feathers from live birds.

The Quetzal fans shown in the photos are representative of the fans that we carry. These bright attractive fans are handmade therefore no two are exactly alike. They are beautiful, feel balanced in your hand and move energy well. Each fan varies in how it is decorated, including the color of the handle, additional beads, stones, fetishes, fringe and fur.

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Macaw Fan with 4 feathers
: From $90.00 to $100.00
Macaw Fan with 4 feathers