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Navajo Rugs

Since the 1860's the Dineh also known as the Navajo have been revered for their exceptional woven rugs, having transformed a necessary craft into a true art form. Weavers take inspiration from their surroundings; the land, the plants, the animals and other symbols to create their designs. The Navajo say the art of weaving was taught to them by spider woman, a deity in their creation story. In weaving, the world of spirit merges with the temporal (physical) world as their stories unfold from their looms.

We are privileged to feature the loom artistry of Grandmother Elsie Wilson. Elsie tells us her talent at the loom has been gifted to her from her lineage; she learned from her grandmother. At age 7 she learned to spin the wool and at the age of 9 she began weaving. Elsie is known as a very skillful weaver. Some of her rugs have been featured at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Elsie frequently has spiders come to her while she weaves, she knows this is spider woman bringing blessings and new ideas.

Every symbol and color in a weaving has meaning. All bring a message from spirit into and thru the weaver as the rug comes into physical form.