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Navajo Prayer Bundle
Our Price $100.00

Detailed Description

These Navajo Prayer Bundles are hand carved by a Navajo artist and embodies layers of symbology. They represent the family unit and protection of the children, as this relates to your immediate family and blood relations. It also holds the larger perspective of embodying the entire human family and the relationship we have with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of the earth's children.

The Prayer Bundle carries the unity of the masculine and feminine energies and the essence of new life "creation" - all of the children we birth (physical babies, as well as our health, dreams, creative endeavors etc).

They are carved from various stones into the stone cylinders and wrapped in rainbow yarn.

this is a representative sample, each is unique.

approx dimensions: the largest cylinder is 2.5" long (6.35 cm), .6" wide (1.5cm)

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