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Ceremonial Knives

For thousands of years humans have used stone and bone to create their tools and weapons. Many varieties of stone were to knap blades, including Obsidian, Jasper, Agate and Flint. The most desirable by far was the volcanic glass known as Obsidian.

Native People traveled far to trade for this highly prized stone. Mountainous regions near volcanoes contain an abundance of Obsidian. Obsidian glass is one strata of the many layers of a lava flow. The clarity of obsidian ranges from transparent like glass, to very opaque and dense. It also displays a wide variety of color; mahogany, jet black, pumpkin, brown, rainbow, green and more. Primary locations for this beautiful natural glass include the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the Cascade region of the northwestern United States.

Sweet Medicine Shoppe's Obsidian Knives are knapped by a master Flint Knapper in Oregon using the methods of old: grinding, abrading, percussion and pressure flaking. Each knife is individually handcrafted from stone and bone or antler and are attached using sinew. These are incredible works of art that are impeccably made and will provide many years of use.