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Fetish Necklace with Eagle

Detailed Description

Fetish necklace with Eagle. These beautiful and colorful fetishes were imported from the Phillipines and put together in the US.

This is a Native American Design made out of synthetic Turquoise and different kinds of stones including black stone, red salmon and white fossil stone. This Necklace consists of about 50 small fetishes and an Eagle Pendant which are all hand carved.

Carving fetishes has been a part of the Zuni culture for hundreds of years. The art of carving decorative fetish necklaces was first practiced by Pueblo and Zuni carvers. These necklaces are strung together with a variety of small carved animal figures. Fetishes were originally carved by Native American tribes to ceremonially capture the spirit of the animal they represent. They were "fed" with corn pollen or other foods as an offering to the spirit of the fetish. The Zuni as well as other Pueblo tribes only brought them out for specific ceremonies. Some fetishes are not carved for ceremonies, but for art.

The photo is a representative sample and each fetish necklace is similar yet unique.

Approximate size: the beaded portion is 16" long (40.5cm)

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