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Fans & Feathers

Since always, birds have inspired our imagination. Birds remind us of grace, aspiration and beauty. Imagine leaping from a tree top and soaring with the wind spirits. You feel the sun on your wings and know the boundless freedom of the open skies. Just as Birds have inspired us to fly, they teach us to connect to spirit.

A feather carries the essence of the whole bird. Feathers symbolize our expansiveness; our desire to bridge our earthly existence with our spiritual essence. They have long been associated with the mind, wind, new flight and ascension. You can use feathers in ceremonial or decorative items to connect to the 'medicine' or power of a bird. When you work with feathers, you awaken to the magic of your own inner flight.

Our fans have been created specifically for smudging and healing work. Just as a bird in flight moves through the air, a fan used in a particular way moves energy. Generally you hold the fan so the feathers are positioned just as if the bird was in flight. This shows respect for the bird's giveaway, and allows the greatest utilization of its natural gifts.