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Druid Bells

The use of Druid Bells in alchemical ceremony dates back for many centuries. The sound of these masterly handcrafted little miracles has long been used to communicate with nature by evoking benevolent energies of the 'Little People World.' The 'Little People,' also known as Tolilahqui (Toh-lil-a-kway), are the elemental spirits, gnomes, fairies, elves, leprechauns and the like. Legend has it that long ago the 'Little People' prepared the earth for human inhabitance. The melodies produced by these bells will invite these friendly and humorous folks into your ceremonial space or home. A Druid Bell can be used to chase away malevolent spirits and vibrations from a space, very much like smudging with sacred herbs. The exceptional quality of these bells makes them strong enough to cleanse the aura. To learn more about Druid Bells, click here.
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