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Coatyl Fans

Coatyl (pronounced kwah-tul) fans carry masculine, active/conceptive energy. They can be used to smudge or bless yourself, an item or a space with the masculine energy. Women can use these too! ? Coatyl refers to the Spirit of the Animals, Earth Father, Father Sky or the Holy Spirit.

Traditionally, Coatyl fans would have been made from flesh eating birds like eagle, raven, hawk, etc. However, as these species are protected raptors, their feathers are illegal to possess or sell. Our Coatyl fans are made with feathers from the Wild Turkey.

It has become common practice for the Wild Turkey, also known as the “ground eagle,” to be used in lieu of the raptors. The Wild Turkey is survival adaptive, versatile and can live in many habitats. Feathers from the Turkey most closely imitate the feathers of the raptor birds, in both size and energetics.

The Coatyl fans shown in these photos are representative of the fans that we carry. They are beautiful, feel balanced in your hand and move energy well. Each fan is handmade and unique. There are some variations in how they are decorated, including the color of the handle, additional beads, stones, fetishes, fringe and fur.

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