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Chakra Oils
Chakra oils are great for enhancing any meditation practice.
From $22.00 to $150.00

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Chakra oils are great for enhancing any meditation practice. You can purchase the set of 7 or each individually. See the drop down box above.

Aromatherapy is a therapy that works through the limbic system to create results, and the limbic system is part of storing memory in the body. That is why when we smell something we often are flooded with memories associated with that smell. The oils can be used to stimulate the limbic system while visualizing intentions helping to store positive memory association and to anchor the visualizations with the essential oils. When using them for intention you experience the energetic properties. You can keep them with you and apply as desired throughout the day as desired to reconnect with intention. Additionally to the intentional chakra blending each of our oils have physical properties that work with the physical body. You can find the energetic and physical properties below. They are great as a daily wear or anointing oil for pure enjoyment of smelling the beautiful aromatic oils and balancing the chakras.

1st Chakra-Silence
Energetic Benefits: Guides One Inward + Centers + Connects
Properties: Grounding + Balances Endocrine System + Calms CNS
● Ingredients: amber, vetiver, patchouli, tobacco, frankincense, rose, benzoin, jojoba oil

2nd Chakra-Inspire
Energetic Benefits: Stimulates Creativity + Openness + Confidence + Spirituality
Properties: Uplifting + Reduces Anxiety + Emotional Balancing
● Ingredients: jasmine, lavender, neroli, mandarin, wild orange, r chamomile, jojoba oil

3rd Chakra-Fire of Life
Energetic Benefits: Strengthens + Instills Courage + Fortitude + Moves Kundalini
Properties: Revitalizing + Stimulates Focus + Promotes Blood flow
● Ingredients: cedarwood, clove, patchouli, cassia, jojoba oil

4th Chakra-Perfect Energy
Energetic Benefits: Balances All Chakras + Opens Heart to Destiny + Compassion
Properties: Clears Mental Fatigue + Brings Peace of Mind
● Ingredients: cedarwood, sage , lavender, alcohol, water

5th Chakra-Refresh
Energetic Benefits: Reminds Us of Our Purpose + Awakens Inner Truth + Promotes Expression
Properties: Respiratory Blend + Opens Sinuses + Eases Coughing
● Ingredients: tea,tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, juniper, pine, peppermint, jojoba oil

6th Chakra-Relax
Energetic Benefits: Promotes Healing + Activates Intuition + Strengthens Mind
Properties: Calming + Reduces Stress + Releases Emotions + Healing
● Ingredients: helichrysum, palo santo, lavender, cedarwood, amber, jojoba oil

7th Chakra-Enhance
Energetic Benefits: Calms Mind + Promotes Meditation + Connects to Spirituality + Purpose
Properties: Supports Meditation + Activates Pineal Gland
● Ingredients: sandalwood, myrrh, r chamomile, lavender, vanilla, jojoba oil

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