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About Us

Sweet Medicine Shoppe is a retail and wholesale company that specializes in items of beauty from Grandmother Earth. We offer a wide assortment of products including crystals, herbs, marriage baskets, and other shamanic supplies. Throughout our site you will find items designed to assist you in your spiritual quest and add beauty to your everyday life. We honor all ways and paths that lead to greater enlightenment, and feature products from many cultures and spiritual practices worldwide. Our shop is a personalized, home-based business that offers the finest quality products at the most reasonable prices possible. Our staff has a flair for finding rare & obscure items. We love the spirit of a good hunt!

What is Sweet Medicine?
Over the years we have received many amusing phone calls from people asking if we are a bakery, a candy store, or a pharmacy. While Karen loves a buttery croissant and Mateo loves good chocolate, we are not a bakery or a candy store, nor do we sell allopathic medicine. We do, however, work with a different type of medicine.

Sweet’ refers to a quality of goodness and beauty. ‘Medicine’ refers to the spirit, essence or natural powers inherent within any thing. Therefore, ‘Sweet Medicine’ is the gifts that we gain when we connect with nature and discover our own naturalness. All of the items in our store embrace the “medicine” or spirit of nature.

Sweet Medicine is also a reference to the animal kingdom, and the ways they teach us harmony, balance and naturalness. In their own unique way, each animal naturally carries healing energy, and their medicine is sweet. Each animal shows us a particular way to be in right relationship with grandmother earth. For instance, in our culture it is commonly accepted that dogs are loyal and protective, and rabbits represent fertility.

Our desire is that when you use items that contain animal medicine, you will connect to the spirit of that animal. For example: if you were to use a turtle shell rattle, you might connect with the survival adaptability and self-sufficiency of the turtle and therefore be empowered to embrace the turtle “medicine” within yourself.

Our History
Sweet Medicine Shoppe had its humble beginnings on January 1st 1984 on a small bookshelf. Today our mailing list spans 5 continents. Over our many years in business, we have created relationships with magnificent artisans, craftsmen and medicine people from around the globe. With these resources we are able to offer you the finest shamanic and spiritual tools, as well as other inspired creations that will enhance your everyday environments. This website celebrates the fruition of our dream to support and inspire the ever-growing community of spiritual seekers and stewards of Grandmother Earth.

Our Staff
The Sweet Medicine Staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Each of us brings our own gifts and strengths to this business. We take pride in our dedication to customer service and customer satisfaction. Shopping at Sweet Medicine is a “no risk” venture. It is our goal to share with you the spirit of life and the beauty of Grandmother Earth through our products and services.

Brandie Sager has held a personal vision for Sweet Medicine Shoppe since she was young . Brandie's desire to manage ethis business is guided by her love of animals and people alike. She is the perfect person to be our principle buyer. She is highly creative and understands the meaning of the medicine in our items. Brandie is very personable, easy to talk to and leads this company with true gentle strength.

Alexi Jewall has been an essential part of Sweet Medicine. She is a gifted craftsperson with an eye for quality and detail. Alexi has a special relationship with crystals that makes her the perfect guide through our product line. 

Daniel Birdsall Reliable, dedicated and focused, Daniel handles all aspects of technical and customer support, including handling the shipping!