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Electrolyte Stamina Power Pack

Detailed Description

Electrolyte Stamina Power Pack
30 or 32 packs per box- assortment of flavors

Best for NON DANCERS AS due to HIGH VITAMIN C & SUGAR (can be heard on the body when you start fasting. Easy-to-fix (just add to water) high performance energy drink with no caffeine, no artificial stimulants or ingredients. 1200 mg of Vit C plus all major electrolytes & 72 trace minerals, also contains potassium, magnesim, sodium and choloride.

Vegan & Gluten free.

Has sugar in the form of Crystaline Fructose & Stevia, 2.5 gm sugar per serving.

flavors: lemon lime, orange, raspberry, pomegranate blueberry, pineapple coconut, tangerine

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