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Navajo Yei Rug/Altar Cloth - can be special ordered
Out of stock

Detailed Description

Currently out of stock- this rug is a sample, each one is unique.

This rug is woven by Grandmother Elsie Wilson (you may click on the rug photo to see a photo of her). Elsie shares with us the meaning of the symbols woven into her rug. Yei's are grandfather guardians and protectors. The color of their skirt and the type of tool they carry reveals the power that the guardian is working with.

The Yei's on this rug carry eagle feather staffs.
The skirts are green, brown/tan and blue;
The Green skirt symbolizes the plants and all things growing.
The Brown and Tan skirt represents the earth and being grounded on grandmother earth.
The Blue skirt signifies that one is growing in a happy way and is connected to the gifts of the waters.

Approximate size: 24" (61 cm) x 21" (54cm)

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