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Mountain Lion, Jet (2)

Detailed Description

Mountain Lion, in jet black stone with turquoise eyes, hand carved by Zuni artist Herb Halaate.

The Medicine of the Mountain Lion includes Cougar, Puma and Panther: The Mountain Lion is the keeper of balance and harmony on one's Path with Heart. They teach us how to maintain balance in movement and change, increase our orende and make Death an ally. Cougar stands in the light and helps design and bring in what's needed for our Path with Heart. Cougar is a balancer and healer of muscles, bones and joints. It speaks to bodywork and massage. Cougar is a supreme survivalist, teaching us how to stabilize and perform physical acts without injury. It is the balancer of the canyons and physical health.

Approximate size:3.25"L x 1.1"H x .8"W (8.1cm x 2.8cm x 1.6cm)

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