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Course of Study Series: Series A1-6 & B1-2
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by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror

This series of self-study guides from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path provides powerful tools for positive change in everyday life. Practical step-by-step applications of alchemy and ceremony awaken the potential for true connectedness to spirit, self, life and others.

Although these modules were developed in sequence to lead the seeker through a sequential process of learning and integration, they are each a complete presentation, so they do not have to be purchased in sequence. Each volume is 8.5" x 11" with a spiral bound paper cover.

Series A, Module 1: The Medicine Wheel of Life: The Powers of the Four Directions
We enter the sacred Medicine Wheel of Life and see our reflections in the sacred elements and the powers of the four directions. Discover how misalignment with elemental energies can topple you into stress-related sickness and dysfunctional relationships and what to do to correct that.
38 pages

Series A, Module 2: The Medicine Wheel of Self: The Star Maidens Circle
Explore your personal mythologies and the script of your life movie. Gain insight into the eight different light and dark reflections of your persona; explore (and laugh at) how we "chase our tail" in the Circle of Foxes; create a bridge to your higher dharma self.
56 pages

Series A, Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon - Part 1
It is said that the aura of a tree is most similar to that of a human being. Our own flowering tree is much more than the physical body we inhabit. We are energy bodies of light that encompass the potential of our soul's maturation and our ultimate enlightenment. Recapitulate the 3-year cycles of your life called Moon Cycles; awaken the ten eyes and five ears within your energy field; learn to balance your ten wheel centers (chakras); trace the evolutionary states of the soul.
58 pages

Series A, Module 4: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon - Part 2
The teachings of this volume include the human assemblage point and how its position in our luminosity determines our "reality" of the world; the five shields and seven dancers in the human luminosity; and how the movement of the shields and dancers affect our interrelationship with self, life and others.
62 pages

Series A, Module 5: The Song of the Universe: The Twenty Count
Each "Power" has its sitting place on the Wheel of Life. It sings a song of the beauty, harmony, balance, alignment and resonance of everything that exists. You will learn that the song it sings is the song of the Dance of Life - your life.
54 pages

Series A, Module 6: The Art of Dreaming
Dreaming discussed from a shamanic perspective: learn how to unleash your creativity and actualize your personal life dreams through the art of controlled dreaming. Within your dreamworld is a wealth of experiences and knowledge for fulfillment, abundance and self-mastery. The art of controlled dreaming involves being "awake" both in your awake dream of daytime experiences and in your asleep dream.
61 pages

Series B, Module 1: The Hoops of Evolution
The Twisted Hairs story of the evolution of humanity on the planet from prehistory to the present. The Sacred Hoops, circles of evolutionary excellence, allow people to evolve individually and together to a more peaceful and harmonious standard of life. They are the key to peace and freedom for all peoples. Many of the Hoops have been broken. This is a call to awaken to spirit, to mend those Hoops; to reconnect with Grandmother Earth and defend her sacredness; to gather together again as spiritual warriors to share with one another, care for one another, teach and love one another, thereby ensuring the flowering of the next seven generations.
71 pages

Series B, Module 2: The Tyrants of Life
Learn how to confront the tyrants in your life. This module was just recently published. Tyrants come in many forms and wear many different masks - parents, children, friends, your boss, your next door neighbor, the weather, the President, morning traffic jams, etc. They "zap" your energy, disrupt your focus, erode your self-esteem and stress your physical health. Take back command of your life!

Explore the nine types of tyrants, including your own inner self-tyrant, the most insidious and damaging tyrant of all.
- Discover how you actually open the door to your tyrants and invite them into your circle.
- Learn how to "count coup" on the tyrants and stop the leaks in your life force energy.
- Mastering The Tyrants contains techniques and ceremonial experiences to help you identify the tyrants in your life and confront them successfully.
89 pages

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